Monday, October 15, 2012

Rocket Writes a Story

If you have ever read the bestseller How Rocket Learned to will absolutely love the author, Tad Hills' newest story Rocket Writes a Story.

From Booklist, July 2012
Under the tutelage of the little yellow bird, the star of How Rocket Learned to Read (2010) is graduating from reading stories to writing one of his own. After a bit of writer’s block, the earnest pup finds unexpected inspiration in the scent of pine needles and feathers. Following his nose, Rocket discovers a friendly but shy owl nesting high up in a tree. He decides to write a story about his new acquaintance, and the owl ventures a little further down the tree each day to hear Rocket read his work in progress. The little yellow bird’s sage advice on the writing process and the story’s focus on the rewards of creative expression will have children excitedly reaching for their own pencil and paper.

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