Monday, November 12, 2012

Splat Says Thank You!

Don't you just love Splat the Cat?  In Splat Says Thank You!, Splat the Cat's trusty mouse friend, Seymour, needs cheering up, and Splat wants to help. He's been working on something special for Seymour—not just a thank-you card but a thank-you book! His book lists all the sweet and often hilarious reasons Splat is thankful for their friendship like the time that Splat gets his toe stuck in the bathtub faucet.  How do you think Seymour helps Splat get his toe unstuck?  Want to hear what some of the students at Allen Elementary suggested he try?

Call 9-1-1
Ask for Mom and Dad's help
Pull on Splat's toe. 
Dig his toe out with a stick.  OUCH!
Turn the water on full force to make his toe fall out..
Use butter to make his toe slippery.
Call the doctor.
Seymour could run down the pipe and push his toe out.
Burn through the metal faucet
Break the faucet open.
Tie a rope to Splat's toe and yank it out.
Saw through the faucet.

You'll have to read the book to find out how Seymour really helps Splat! 

 The funny adventures that Splat and Seymour have had together, complete with animated illustrations and a laugh-out-loud text from bestselling author and illustrator Rob Scotton, will leave Splat fans thankful to know this cat-and-mouse duo.  (review taken from

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