Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Texas 2x2 Tuesday: Creepy Carrots

First up on the 2013-2014 Texas 2x2 list is Creepy Carrots - words by Aaron Reynolds and pictures by Peter Brown.  

Jasper Rabbit can't get enough of the carrots from Crackenhopper Field...  until they start following him and showing up everywhere.  Can he find a way to get someone to believe him, or is he really just imagining things?

Here are some fun activities from the Texas 2x2 website:
Reynolds, Aaron. Creepy Carrots. Ages: 4-8.
 Create a drawing using only black, white, and one other color to mimic the
illustration style of this book.
 Have carrots – both raw and cooked – for a snack. Which do you like better?
 Write your own version of the story using another vegetable.
 This book won a Caldecott Honor Medal in 2013. Discuss this award and read other
books that have received this distinction http://tinyurl.com/a39p84c

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