Monday, July 15, 2013

Good News, Bad News by Jeff Mack

This silly book features two characters, a optimistic rabbit and a pessimistic mouse. The two characters are having a picnic (good news) when all of the sudden a storm blows through (bad news). The story continues with the rabbit pointing out the positives in each situation, followed by the mouse's negative statements. In the end, the mouse finally has it and ends up bringing the rabbit over to the negative side. Once the mouse sees how sad the rabbit is, he is motivated to find something good in the world.

Good News Bad News is wonderful story that children of all ages will enjoy. Preschoolers will love the repetition of words throughout and will have fun reading along with you. This book has great stopping points for the reader to explain what is happening in each picture and tell why it is good or bad. There is also a moral to the story, which offers a great teaching point to young readers. I highly recommend checking this book out and sharing it with the youngsters. They will immediately fall in love with the characters; rabbit and mouse, and will be wanting to find more good news/bad news situations in real life!

Mack, Jeff. 2012. Good News Bad News. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books. ISBN: 1452101108. 

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