Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Texas 2x2 Tuesday: No Dogs Allowed

Alberto cannot seem to communicate his only wanting PEOPLE in his restaurant - not dogs, cats, elephants, or armadillos!  Will he change his mind once he loses all of his customers?  This semi-wordless picture book written by Linda Ashman and illustrated by Kristin Sorra shows the advantages of accepting everyone.

Texas 2x2 Suggested Activities:

  • As you read look for details in the pictures. Notice how the people and animals are enjoying their ice cream and lemonade near the fountain. Make a guess for what the people and animals were doing before they came to the café. Predict where they might be going next.
  • Make a menu for the All Critter‟s Café. Research animal diets or guess what they might like to order if they came to an animal restaurant.
  • Play with chalk like Albert used on his sidewalk sign. Draw a new sign for the café.
Linda Ashman's Website
Kristin Sorra's Website

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